August 10, 2012

HAM Radio operator questioned for using a radio in office premises.

8th August 2012 Friday: Today I was questioned in my company  for using my Ham Radio. I usually use HAM Radio to check into Daily VHF net and chat with my HAM friends from 20:30 hrs to 21:00 hrs (my dinner time), Security guard on the 7th floor (cafeteria) came and told me that I am not supposed to use HAM radio in Cafeteria. I was surprised as to how he can tell to an authorized HAM Radio operator not to use my Radio. 

I was expecting them to come and politely ask about my usage of radio in the premises, rather than they wanted me to stop using without any reason.  I clearly told the security guard that I am authorized by government and hold a valid wireless license to operate. I also told him if he wants to take it further let his supervisor come and talk and show where in there Rule book it says that employees of the company should not use HAM Radio in the company premises.

 I only use my HAM Radio from the 7th floor cafeteria and I am not even using if from the inside the office, I am also willing to challenge them as to how they allow employees to use cell phones in the company when my VHF HAM radio and cell phone both works on the same principle.

So I called up the Security supervisor over the internal phone and asked him to come to over my desk. I clearly explained and showed my HAM licence and explained what's HAM radio is and for what purpose we use if for. He informed that the security guard who questioned was a new recruit and he will tell all his security staff not to question me if i found using my HAM radio. :)


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