July 26, 2012

AIRTEL SIM user Beware your SIM gets deactivated without any notice.

If you are an AIRTEL SIM user, beware your unused SIM will get de-activated without any notice. Thousands are affected due to their number recycle policy.

One of the much hyped and touted mobile company AIRTEL is deactivating SIM cards if you do not use it for 60 Days. Earlier days they provided SIM cards telling its lifetime validity but now they are deactivating SIM cards if you do not use your mobile phones for 60 Days. Mobile subscribers are at mercy and victimized for the whims and fancy of these mobile operators.

My very one SIM card which was used as a standby at home has got deactivated, Calling up customer care is of no use, all they will say that "you did not use it for 30 days that’s why your number has gone to recycle list, submit new documents and buy another SIM but you will not get old number". This rule was not there at the time of buying now all of a sudden they have implemented the rule and disconnecting and recycling the numbers.

Now someone will be using your old number, even if you dial any AIRTEL number you might end up in reaching wrong person.   If this is the situation it will not be safe to use your mobile to register for mobile shopping transaction or shopping, because you never know when your AIRTEL SIM card gets deactivated and become unusable. If the same mobile number is given to some fraudster, there are Chances that you may lose your money if you had previously registered for mobile transactions.

Now AIRTEL and others will squarely put blame on TRAI, whoever makes the rule, it’s the common people who would be suffering, Looks like other mobile companies will also follow this rule.

This update is a small effort for all my friends to make them aware not to use AIRTEL mobile service and repent later for dealing with them. If you have faced such problem or know someone who have faced such problem form AIRTEL mobile company comment on this blog so that others will get to know.

I have discarded my old AIRTEL SIM card and I would never deal with AIRTEL in the future.  This post is to make my friends and readers aware of AIRTEL tactics to lure customers and leave in Deep S***T after the sale.


  1. Thanks for the info. But it is too late for me. Airtel did the same to me. All my efforts to get my number back failed. They are yet to refund the balance in my pre-paid account. And to think that I paid Rs 499 to get a "Lifetime Incoming Free Service."

  2. Himlynx

    Sorry to hear that you were also a victim of Airtel. Fight with them until you get your refund. I have been hearing the owe's of Airtel postpaid customers as well. God save Airtel customers.

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  4. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Many friends called my airtel expired number and ended up with contacting wrong person. I called the CC, they said it has been recyled. Poor.....very poor

  5. Anonymous4:02 PM

    they have issued a deactivated sim to me, now i fear from whom and what types of calls i receive