July 08, 2012

Vegetarian Quesadilla

Many of you are asking for the recipe for veg quesadilla, so I thought of putting it as a note here on FB. As I always wanted to prepare and serve different dish rather that from staple idli, masala dosa, uppittu etc.. etc, Quesadilla was the choice this time. This is a Mexican dish which is very popular in the western countries and I am sure here in India many wouldn’t have heard it (except people who have traveled abroad). Preparation of Quesadilla is simple but it’s time consuming (without any help).
Authentic uses Zucchini, Red & Yellow bell pepper etc., but as it’s not easily available here in India I have modified the dish and Indianized the dish to suit the available ingredients. Many of the ingredients are commonly available in MORE, or BIG BAAZAR stores in Bangalore. The tortilla (nothing but chapathi) can be home made either by using maida or atta, as my wife do not like maida I used atta for making chapathi.
Ingredients for Vegetarian Quesadilla.

Serves 4 people
400 gms Cheese grated
3 medium size onions chopped
2 Capisicum (Bell pepper) chopped
1 small cup carrot chopped
1 small cup carrot grated
1 small cup chopped green onion (Eeruli kaavu)
1 small cup Black bean (medium boiled)
¾ cup finely cut Garlic (Those who don’t like garlic can skip this)
Tomato puree
Olive oil
Italian Oregano (Left over from Dominos Pizza order)
Black pepper
Red chili flakes (Left over from Dominos Pizza order)
Salt to taste
Lime to taste
8 Tortilla’s or Chapathi (slightly crunchy)
Black or green Olive rings.

Preparation of Quesadilla.
Sauté (Shallow fry) chopped onions using olive oil until golden brown color and set it aside.
Sauté chopped bell pepper, carrot, green onion using olive oil until its medium cooked and set it aside.
Heat 2 to 3 Tb spoon of Olive oil on medium heat and add Garlic, Black pepper, Italian Oregano, Red chili flakes, 2 Tb spoon of Tomato Puree and Half lime to taste. Add onion and vegetables (previously prepared) and mix well.

Take a tortilla (chapathi) and fold it into half like a semi circle, first spread a layer of grated cheese on the tortilla (chapathi) and on that spread veg mixture on the cheese layer, next scatter few black beans and Olive rings. Again spread another layer grated cheese and close top layer of tortilla (chapathi).
Heat the Quesadilla over a skillet (Tawa) by using Olive oil until its light brown color. The cheese should melt and get mixed with the vegetable mix. Use a Pizza cutter and cut the quesadilla in triangle shapes.
Decorate the plate (left to your imagination) and serve it with Sour cream, or with your favorite sauce.
I thank my Wife Swetha Naveen for helping me to prepare this dish and my Mom & Dad for eating after waiting for long time. Thank ‘s to all my friends for your likes, comments and discussions on FB.


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