July 05, 2012

Test Drive Renault Duster review.

I test Drove Renault Duster on the second day(5-July-2012) of release. Venue RENAULT Whitefield. After having an eyeball(meet up) with  my friend Anil Kumar (VU3UDK) who had just test driven Renault Duster and after hearing his reviews, I wanted to feel the Renault Duster. As it was just 30 Min drive to Renault Whitefield We drove down to the showroom in our break time. There was a long waiting list of people who had registered for the test drive, as we had call up before and informed the guys they had booked our slot in advance.

We had a quick look & feel of the Duster which was displayed inside the show room.For the first glimse from outside Duster looked slightely bigger than Swift, it is termed as cross SUV because the size is not exacely as of a regular SUV if you compare to TATA Safari or Scorpio, I can say its in between a I20 and regular SUV. Coming to seating & space its almost similar to any B-segment car like new Maruti Wagon R, with addition few addons and a very big boot. A lean built like me had ample leg-space. The central AC console in the middle might be a hindrance for the passenger who will sit in between.

 Extra large Boot 475 liters
Ample leg room behind

Leg room for heavy built
I was the first to take the steering wheel, the first feel seeing the front
windshield made lot of difference and gave me a feel of a SUV. A nimble crank of
the engine got the Duster to life, for few seconds I could not feel the engine
running. It was as quite as a mouse, no viberation what so ever which we are so
used with other cars.The Duster which I drove had 6forward gears and 1 reverse
gear. The gear shift was smooth as butter the short gear lever adds up for a
great cruise.The drive was very comfortable and the 110bhp power was evident.

All in all its a good choice for the people who are graduation from small car
segment to SUV. People who are used to big SUV like safari, XUV etc., may find
Duster bit cramped. So what are the other alternatives for Renault Duster?
Well below are few SUV/MUV what can be considered as alternatives in terms of

price and features.
Tata Safari
Mahindra Scorpio
Toyota Innova
Mahindra Xylo.

Here are few pictures and a video taken during test drive.

Price list is subjected to change with out notice. so recheck with the dealer before buying.


  1. Nice and Awesome Review! Keep em coming...

  2. AWSOME REVIEW..LOOKS QUITE AUTHENTIC !! damn these road tax..i had really forgotten them :( you made me remind them !! well, now i hv to rethink !!!

    1. Rishu

      Thank you for your comment.Yes Road tax add's up by 1 to 1.5 Lacs depending on where you live.

  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    hi !!
    wanting to know abt the feel of the drive ...
    dint u feel the clutch was a little too hard ????

    1. Hi Anonymous

      I did not feel any hardness in clutch it was normal as it should be. Clutch feeling depends on which other car you compare with. I compared with my existing ALTO which is normal and I did not find any difference.Hope that helps!!

  4. Renault Duste is a perfect SUV under 10 lac budget.The French automaker has launched a SUV which is spacious,powerful and looks beautiful.