July 01, 2016

Keep your signal clean and loud or else big guns care a damn!!

I am an licensed HAM Radio operator but I still listen to Ham bands like SWL's do. Of late I have been listening on HF 40M band. Quite often we come across stations whose signal (audio) distorted, very weak and out of frequency (drift), In such situations I see invariable the big signal (correctly setup) stations ignore as its very annoying to read distorted audio or very weak signal out of the band noise. Working QRP is fun but frustrating for both stations if the readability is poor. Working with MilliWatts is a such a difficult task and needs good conditions and patients.

My request : Be considerate on the QRP operator, you might be having a very good setup where you are fortunate to have a very quite location and can install all exotic antenna. I came across big signal op got abusive when a QRP station asked the same question twice. QRP station might not hear what you said due to QSB or high band noise in cities.

If you have come across such instances and if you work in QRPp let us know your experiences.


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