May 22, 2015

Photography Business in Bangalore dead or alive!!

This is the question that comes to my mind every time I interact with a prospective client who are looking for photography services in Bengaluru.
Is it really lucrative for a photographer to startup a company to sustain and make ends meet? Most of the prospects with whome I interact or come across always expect to shoot for free or for peanuts which doesn't even caters for the transportation of equipment to the place of shoot let alone the photographer's fee. So why do prospective customers think like that?
Below are my findings and possible reasons.
1. Customers do not view photographer or photography is as important as a pundits or caterer or a wedding decorator.
2. They think experience and skills of a photographer is not important compared to cost.
3. It is granted that photographer has invested in high end equipments for his whims and fancy so it's usage is FREE.
4. If customers agrees and asks a photographer to cover many think they are giving opportunity for photographer to shoot live so it has to be FREE.
There are other set of people who are equally responsible for the present state of professional photography services in Bangalore. The tribe called TechPhotographers. Software Engineers who are software engineers by weekdays and photographers by weekends who shoot everything under the sun for FREE or for beer, lunch etc. If you don't believe it!! Just post a request on FB that you need someone to shoot an event for you for free or unlimited beer on you . See how many responses you will get. All I say is you may be a TechPhotographers but don't lower or snatch another photographer's bread by encouraging a trend of shooting free or for beer an peanuts.
Another interesting but sad findings that I have come across is that, this situation is mostly prevalent in Bengaluru. The ratio of photographers ready to takeup shooting compared to outside Bengaluru vs within Bengaluru is 1:10. So the question arises "Can you survive and depend on photography business in Bengaluru?"
You lemme know?

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