December 17, 2010

Contact on second bird HO-68 HOPE-16th December 2010

Pic courtesy AMSAT

After regular contacts on VO-52 it was time for me to work on other birds. I had been trying constantly to work on other birds with out andy success. As I was having QSO with OM Shankar VU2SWG he informed that at 21:35 hrs HO-68 will be switched on. This was an opportunity for me to work on a new bird. Earlier I had worked on U/V mode , i.e, Tx on UHF and Rx on VHF for VO-52, but working on HO-68 would be V/U mode Tx on VHF and Rx on UHF.

After the not so successful VO-52 pass I changed to HO-68 frequency, at first I did not hear any signal from the bird and I patiently waited then after few minutes I started to hear packet on the downlink. Hope for making a contact on Hope was good, Then all of a sudden I heard OM Guru VU2GUR calling CQ then followed by OM Shankar VU2SWG felt so good as this would be my second satellite to work with. After monitoring the uplink for few minutes and making sure no one is transmitting I gave a call to Guru and Shankar both of them responded. I gave them a report of 59 and 59+ respectively; They also gave me a report of 59. Wow that was my second satellite that I worked with and was successful.

Looking for many more birds to work with, now the satellite bug has really bitten me.

My next project is to put up an UHF Slim Jim and to homebrew a Arrow antenna. I will keep posted about my project.

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