October 01, 2014

Present situation of professional photographer in India's Silicon City Bangalore

Below is my response for one of the post in Facebook.

Nice to know that you are also a freelance photographer and looking to collaborate with photographer from Bangalore. I have been into photography from past 15 years and started my earlier days when film rolls ruled the photography scene . And now I shoot professionally in Bangalore, I have a fair knowledge of photography market in Bangalore and would like to tell you few things which might help you in deciding to collaborate and network.

The truth is people (customers) do not value photographer experiences, skills and equipment cost (investments) in Bangalore. If you are planning to earn and do a living only by photography then it is impossible. Every amateur or newbie in Bangalore is a photographer by default and they are ready to shoot everything under the sun for FREE. So if you are looking to collaborate with Bangalore photags then be ready to shoot free. The fast communication which you just mentioned has become a boon for free mongers and bane for professional photographer.
Customers blow lakhs of rupees on wedding, events etc., but expect someone with a DSLR will show up and shoot them for FREE or for credits, Lunch, Beer etc. Photographer who have invested in time and money are being offered money which even beggars will frown upon . The hard truth is a construction worker or other non-skilled person makes a good living in Bangalore than a professional photographer. There are very few opportunities or demand in Bangalore which will pay you as professional photographer. 

My sincere advice is, as I see you are from Chennai; I suggest you to create and tap your market locally. You are having location and language advantage. Your efforts will be more fruit full locally than looking in Bangalore.
What I have said is from my experience so that you don’t get a rude shock when you try and look for photography opportunities in Bangalore.

I interact with newbies and amateur photographers on my Photography page. 

Naveen Balakrishna

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